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Benefits of a Clean Kitchen Exhaust System

Maintaining a clean commercial kitchen provides several advantages: passing routine fire code inspections, having a safe workplace environment and showing your staff and patrons that you care about the food service you provide. Public health and safety plays a major role. When you neglect cleaning your kitchen exhaust systems, you’re risking a potentially destructive grease fire that could destroy your building or cause injuries to your staff. Keeping your commercial kitchen exhaust system properly cleaned and ventilated is a risk mitigation strategy. There are other benefits involved other than safety, of course. You’ll save money on energy costs when your system is well ventilated and working efficiently. These three benefits outline the major reasons why having your kitchen exhaust system regularly cleaned benefits you and your business overall.

1. Prevention of Grease Fires

Fire prevention and safety precautions should be at the forefront of any kitchen’s business. By properly degreasing your system on a regular basis, you’re removing extremely flammable grease and other residues from within your ductwork. This protects your cooking equipment and the staff using it, providing safety for your property and your employees. If a grease fire grew out of control and spread to other parts of the building, now your livelihood is at stake. Don’t take this risk. Get your kitchen exhaust system cleaned on a regular schedule.

2. Save on Energy Costs

Cleaning your exhaust system and ductwork removes the airflow restrictions that occur from caked on grease deposits. Unrestricted ventilation means better airflow. Better airflow increases efficiency and performance of your cooking equipment. More efficient equipment means higher production rates. Higher production rates results in lower costs. Over time, you’ll save money in energy costs due to more efficient equipment. A commercial kitchen is a fast paced environment, so every moment counts. More time spent heating up your equipment or cooking certain dishes means longer wait times for your patrons.

3. Health and Environmental Safety

When you improve the workplace atmosphere of your commercial kitchen, you’ll notice a higher morale from both your staff and customers. When you protect them from airborne contaminants, productivity increases and absenteeism due to sick leave decreases. Grease vaporizes during the cooking process. This means a large amount of grease particulates are often in the air of any commercial kitchen. By scheduling regular cleanings, you decrease the amount of contaminated air in the working and dining environment of your facility.

No matter how complex your ventilation system or ductwork, Bare Metal Standard of Portland can clean it. We have a team of experts that can inspect, bid, and clean the most complex of kitchen exhaust systems in Portland, Oregon. On top of that, we always guarantee that we’ll clean your system to 95% BARE METAL. Because that’s the Bare Metal Standard.

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