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A commercial kitchen probably isn’t top of mind when you think about healthcare facilities. Nevertheless, many healthcare facilities have a cafeteria with a commercial kitchen. The exhaust system in any commercial kitchen can build up dangerous soot overtime. Hospitals and other medical facilities are required to abide by high safety standards. That’s why your healthcare facility needs a team with over 50 years of experience maintaining kitchen exhaust systems of all sizes. We hold ourselves to the Bare Metal Standard. Our standard exceeds the industry standards set by the National Fire protection Association. It’s our guarantee that 100% of your system will be cleaned to 95% bare metal, every time.

Bare Metal Standard employee inspecting hood duct.

Safer and More Efficient

With the BARE METAL STANDARD of clean, we recommend a precise cleaning schedule for your unique facilities; our suggested schedules follow that cadence recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. When you follow the appropriate cleaning schedule, deploying BARE METAL STANDARD clean, your kitchen passes the regular fire codes and safety inspections with flying colors.

Businesses that do not deploy the appropriate kitchen exhaust system cleanings may be suspended or even shut down by health and safety inspectors. We won’t let that happen to you. Our technicians make it easy: we follow the cleaning schedule required for your restaurant. Best of all, we keep track of the schedule for you, eliminating the hassle and focusing on running your commercial kitchen.

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