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5 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service Provider

As a business owner or facility manager, it’s important to determine the best commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning partner for your restaurant, hospital kitchen, or cafeteria. When you compare the services available at other kitchen exhaust cleaning service providers with Bare Metal Standard of Portland’s policies and procedures, you’ll quickly see how much of a difference our standards truly make. These five questions will help you determine whether the company you’re looking to hire will provide you with the best possible service as well as the safest clean possible:

1. Before we hire you, do you visit my site to conduct a free Exhaust System Inspection and Cleaning Cost Estimate?

WE DO.Bare Metal Standard of Portland offers FREE kitchen exhaust system inspections to inform you of your current fire safety risk. Then, we’ll give you a FREE estimate on how much it would cost to clean your complete kitchen exhaust system to 95% BARE METAL to guarantee you pass your next inspection.

2. If so, do your job cost estimates include substantiating evidence such as videos or photos of my system to illustrate the extent of damage claimed?

ABSOLUTELY. We provide photographic and video evidence of what your system looks like inside BEFORE and AFTER our cleaning process to show you we mean business. Our technicians are honest, reliable, and knowledgeable of the hazards of grease fires. We care about our customers and we care about Portland, that’s why we clean every system to the highest standard of clean: the BARE METAL STANDARD.

3. Do you recommend the precise cleaning schedule needed to keep my kitchen safe all year round?

WE DO CUSTOM SCHEDULING. Depending on the cooking volume and complexity of your commercial kitchen, we come up with a custom cleaning schedule that works for your business or facility. Our team will draft a maintenance schedule and remind you when you’re due for your next cleaning.

4. If so, does the cleaning schedule reflect the one recommended for your type of kitchen by the National Fire Protection Association, Code 96?

WE DO EVERYTHING ACCORDING TO CODE. Our cleaning maintenance schedules directly reflect the guidelines stated in NFPA 96: Table 11.4. We consider the type and volume of your commercial kitchen and then create a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual cleaning schedule that will keep you up to code all year long.

5. Do you guarantee that you will NOT hang “inaccessible tags” on portions of my ductwork that you do not clean? In other words, when your cleaning is complete do you guarantee that my entire exhaust system, from stovetop to rooftop, will be BARE METAL STANDARD clean?

NEVER. It is the BARE METAL STANDARD way to NEVER hang inaccessible tags ANYWHERE in your system. We simply don’t believe in them. We know that in order to keep a commercial kitchen truly safe, you have to clean it thoroughly. We will clean your entire system to 95% bare metal and ensure you don’t have a fire due to a kitchen exhaust system overladen with grease.

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