Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

At BARE METAL STANDARD, we set the standard for the rest. We guarantee that every part of your commercial kitchen exhaust system will be completely clean – no exceptions. There are no “inaccessible” areas that our proprietary system cannot reach.

The Effect of Grease in Your Kitchen Systems

Your kitchen exhaust system helps keep your restaurant clean by pulling heat, smoke, and grease-laden vapors out of the air. This system directs the fumes into your hood, through your vent hood filters, and into your building’s ductwork, finally exiting the building through your rooftop exhaust fan. These vapors contain flammable residue, including grease and oils that could start a fire. These fires can quickly spread into the spaces in your building that aren’t protected by fire suppression systems. The result? Catastrophic damage.

Hood duct with grease all over.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

With the BARE METAL STANDARD cleaning process, we clean the most challenging areas and hard to reach places. Our customers rest easy and get back to running their busy commercial kitchens with peace of mind, knowing they are safe from fire and truly BARE METAL STANDARD clean.


We Clean Around Corners and 90 Degree Angles

Our experienced service professionals are dedicated to providing the best kitchen exhaust cleaning possible. With our propriety team training and cleaning system, we reach your exhaust system's most stubborn areas. Yes – we do clean around corners and 90-degree angles. Our technology and the proprietary process reach the dangerous areas of your exhaust system, the twists and turn that our competitors can't reach. We guarantee a more profound and safer clean for your kitchen exhaust system.


We Use A Camera To Prove Our Quality

Please, don't just take our word for it – we want customers like you to prove it for yourselves. After we've finished cleaning your kitchen exhaust system, we route a camera throughout the system. Then we ask you to take a look and prove that every area of your system has been thoroughly cleaned to the highest possible standard, the BARE METAL STANDARD of clean.

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