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Our customers have said it again and again— “Seeing is believing.” Even if you believe your previous kitchen exhaust system cleanings have been thorough, take a moment to watch our videos. You’ll see for yourself why only BARE METAL STANDARD completely protects your commercial kitchen from exhaust system fires. Click here to watch the video. Our proprietary system of clean is your best protection against fire hazards. We simply will not stop until your kitchen is truly BARE METAL STANDARD clean.

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  • commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    We clean your kitchen exhaust sytem to the highest standard of cleaning, the BARE METAL STANDARD clean.

  • our hospital services

    Commercial Restaurants

    Keep your kitchen safe and efficient with our expertise in cleaning local and franchise restaurants.

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    Hospital and Institutional Cafeterias

    We clean all types of hospital and institutions and can meet the highest sanitary and cleaning regulations.

  • commercial kitchen fires

    Commercial Kitchen Fires

    Protect your business and prevent the number one fire hazard for businesses by regularly cleaning your kitchen exhaust system.


We have over 50 years experience cleaning commercial kitchens and commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Our proprietary process was developed and perfected because of our experience; we understand what proper commercial exhaust system maintenance entails. Even more important, we know first hand how dangerous and devastating fire is to any business -- especially commercial kitchens. Deploying our proprietary process on the appropriate schedule is your best defense against exhaust system fires.

Our service professionals arrive at your facility fully trained and committed. We leave you fire-safe -- guaranteed. Our job isn't finished until 100% of your system is clean -- BARE METAL STANDARD clean.

There are no inaccessible areas that can't be cleaned with our methods and we simply will not stop until you're BARE METAL STANDARD clean.

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