As a professional commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning company, we hold ourselves to a different standard: the BARE METAL STANDARD. The Bare Metal Standard means we NEVER hang inaccessible tags ANYWHERE in your system and we make NO excuses for anything less than a clean that shines like 95% bare metal. No one else in this industry can do what we do and there is no competitor out there that can guarantee a clean like a BARE METAL STANDARD clean. We promise you’ll pass your next inspection and every one thereafter if you stick with us as your cleaning partner. Our technicians are always up to date on the latest fire safety code regulations as well as the leading industry techniques for cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems. 

We offer full service cleaning for the following types of facilities:

  • Restaurants

  • School and university cafeterias

  • Hospital cafeterias

  • Government facilities

  • Industrial plants/large scale food production facilities

Bare Metal Standard Pressure Machine - pulled out2.jpg

Proprietary Process

BARE METAL STANDARD hood and duct cleaning process is second to none, far exceeding fire code safety regulations when it comes time for inspection. There is virtually no competition when it comes to kitchen exhaust system cleaning in the Portland area because no one can do what we do at the standard that we do it. No one else can provide the 100% safety guarantee and 95% bare metal clean that we promise as a standard of our services. We can clean even the most complex of duct ventilation systems without hanging ANY inaccessible tags. This ensures the safest clean for your restaurant or other commercial kitchen.

Bare Metal Standard of Portland hood duct cleaning.

Trained Technicians

As part of our higher standard of excellence, we provide our employees with the continuing education they need to remain up to date on the industry’s leading techniques and fire code regulations. We teach each and every technician our proprietary process – ensuring you receive the highest quality service every time you schedule work from our company. Our employees share our expectations for professionalism so they will always arrive in custom branded vehicles and uniforms when coming to clean your system. Our team is always striving to rise above the rest – from our proprietary cleaning process to our professional customer service.

After image of Bare Metal Standard cleaning.

Custom Scheduling

We stay on track with custom scheduling software that provides us unique alerts for cleaning throughout the calendar year. We’ll get in touch with you for a free inspection, make sure all your systems are up-to-date on cleanliness and then check back in with you when it’s time to clean your system again depending on the type of commercial kitchen you run. Our goal is to keep your system up to date and on track with the most recent fire codes so that you never fail another inspection.