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We Set a Different Standard for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Portland

It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon does things differently. We’re a unique city and running a business in Portland means setting a different standard. Bare Metal Standard of Portland is the only kitchen exhaust cleaning service that guarantees no inaccessible tags and nothing short of a complete clean. We promise a 95% bare metal clean EVERY time to ensure the restaurants and commercial kitchens in Portland are safe from hazardous grease fires. How do we provide such a rock solid guarantee? Let us tell you!

Proprietary Process

BARE METAL STANDARD hood and duct cleaning process is second to none, far exceeding fire code safety regulations. There is virtually no competition when it comes to kitchen exhaust system cleaning in the Portland area. No one else can provide a 100% safety guarantee and a 95% bare metal clean. We can clean even the most complex of duct ventilation systems with NO excuses.

Trained Technicians with Cutting Edge Knowledge and Professionalism

As part of our standard, we provide our employees with continuing education classes to update all technicians on the industry’s leading techniques. We train each and every technician our propriety process – ensuring that you receive the highest quality service no matter what. Our employees share our expectations for professionalism so they will always arrive in custom branded vehicles and uniforms to clean your system. We’re always striving to rise above the rest by using superior tools and the highest standards for results – results that will keep you safer.

Custom Scheduling Software

We stay on track and get the job done quickly with custom scheduling software that provides unique alerts for calendar cleaning. We’ll get in touch with you for a free inspection, make sure all your systems are up-to-date on cleanliness and then check back in with you when it’s time to clean your system again. Our goal is to keep your system up to date and on track with the most recent fire codes so that you never fail another inspection.

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