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The Scariest Sight this Season Could Be Your Kitchen Exhaust System

Want to see something scary for Halloween? If you haven’t had your commercial kitchen cleaned in the past few months, look inside your kitchen’s exhaust ductwork! Heavy grease deposits build over time in your kitchen’s vent hoods and ductwork, developing layers of grease caked on top of each other. Left unattended, these grease deposits pose an extreme fire hazard. Don’t let the horror of the upcoming holiday be a fire disaster for your business!

Take a look at this before and after photo taken at completed job using the BARE METAL STANDARD method:

Pretty terrifying stuff.

All that filth can make your business go up in smoke in no time, and we at BARE METAL STANDARD of Portland are committed to keeping restaurants and other commercial kitchens in the Portland metropolitan area clean and safe. We love this city and its businesses, so we’re dedicated to ensuring we keep them around.

We use cameras to prove our quality. Before and after every job we complete, we take photos to show you the difference that we offer over our competitors: no inaccessible tags and cleaned to 95% bare metal. We’ll clean your commercial kitchen exhaust system to the highest standard of clean: the BARE METAL STANDARD.

You’ll see for yourself the immense difference it makes when you review the before and after photos of your very own system. Once your kitchen exhaust system is cleaned to the BARE METAL STANDARD, you can rest easy knowing your business and staff is safe from a potentially disastrous fire.

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