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High Pressure Hot Water Cleaning Services for Manufacturers

Food processing and manufacturing facilities are an industry dependent on sanitary conditions and safety in order to keep production up and running. No processing means no profits; so getting shut down due to a failed inspection can become a major loss. When you partner with Bare Metal Standard of Portland, you’ll never risk getting your facility getting shut down due to an unexpected inspection.

We offer manufacturing fan cleaning using high pressure hot water cleaning. Our technicians can degrease interior and exterior manufacturing fans with a specialization in rooftop exhaust fans and air handlers. See the difference and experience an all-new standard of clean courtesy of a local Portland company.

Our technicians guarantee a 95% bare metal clean when you partner with us because that’s the standard we believe in. We don’t believe in hanging inaccessible tags

ANYWHERE within your system. Bare Metal Standard of Portland cares about local manufacturers in the Portland metro area, we know your facility will be safer and more efficient when your equipment is cleaned properly.

Processing food or other consumable products at large, bulk rates produces an incredible amount of grease vapor. This grease sticks to the inside of your air ducts and other ventilation equipment posing a dangerous fire hazard for your staff and your facility. Don’t fail your next inspection, or worse, accidentally start a fire and cause real damage to your building, equipment and employees.

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