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Friendly Fryer Safety Tips

French fries, fried chicken, fried artichokes, fried fish, and even fried ice cream! It seems as though you can throw anything into a deep fryer these days and someone will be bold enough to try it. Commercial fryers have become an essential asset in many restaurants and though they are relatively easy to use, they can pose a serious threat to kitchen staff if safe operating guidelines are not followed. Make sure your staff is aware of the following safety practices when using commercial fryers:

  • DO wear proper safety equipment when working with hot oil

  • DO handle only one fryer basket at a time

  • DO keep liquids such as beverages or ice away from the hot oil

  • DO gently raise and lower the fryer basket while cooking to avoid splashes

  • DO let oil cool before reaching above the fryer

Avoid these behaviors when working with commercial fryers:

  • DON’T overfill fryer baskets

  • DON’T store items over the deep fryer that could potentially fall in

  • DON’T spill water or ice into the hot oil

  • DON’T allow excess ice crystals from frozen foods get into the hot oil

  • DON’T strain or carry hot oil, wait until it is cooled!

Kitchen safety should be a major priority at any facility using a commercial fryer. Fryer oil cooks at temperatures around 350° F, which can cause severe burns if splashed onto a staff member. In addition, if the vent hood or fryer exhaust is not functioning properly, it can release carbon monoxide: an odorless, colorless poisonous gas. Schedule your FREE kitchen exhaust system inspection today with BARE METAL STANDARD of Portland and protect your staff from unsafe working conditions.

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