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Food Truck Ventilation 101

One of the most important aspects of running a commercial kitchen out of a food truck is having an effective ventilation system. The type of ventilation system you choose is an important part of your success since smoke and vapors can quickly become a serious health and fire risk when cooking in large volumes with limited space. Making sure you have a working exhaust fan and efficient ventilation system will prevent oil and other small particulates released during cooking from collecting on every surface of your food truck. When this occurs, that oil breaks down the materials of these surfaces – shortening the life of everything in your truck. On top of that, your food truck is now a mobile fire hazard that could potentially go up in flames within seconds with plenty of oil to keep burning until you’re truck is toast.

Custom Setups vs. Pre-Fabricated Models

Depending on your budget, you may have a custom fitted ventilation system designed for the specific dimensions and arrangement of your food truck or a pre-built system bought from a manufacturer. These purchased systems are ready to install and often include fire suppression systems to go along with the exhaust hood. However, the ideal choice will always be a custom system made for the specifications of your vehicle. Equipment choices and their organization vary widely when it comes to food trucks, so having a professional create a system that works best with your particular situation will be the most effective in the long run.

Roof Mount vs. Wall Mount

The external exhaust pipe for your truck can be mounted either on the side of the wall or the roof of the truck. Check with the most recent regulation passed in Oregon to make sure you’re in compliance, as some states define which mount option is legal and which is not. Also keep in mind that if you do choose a roof vent, it will limit your ability to drive under low-hanging bridges.

Always Remember Compliance!

Food trucks are mobile, which means at some point you may want to drive it to another state and sell your food there. Always remember to check with the local state and city’s ordinance policy on food trucks. It is your responsibility to remain compliant even if you’re not from the area.

We Clean Food Truck Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Every commercial kitchen must pass an inspection in order to stay in business, and food trucks are no different. Bare Metal Standard of Portland will guarantee you pass on your next inspection when you hire us to clean your exhaust system and ventilation hood. We’ll give you a FREE inspection and inform you of your current level of risk and provide you with a quote to get you back into fire code compliance.

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