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Fire Safety Checklist for Commercial Kitchens

At Bare Metal Standard of Portland, safety is always our number one priority. We believe in protecting our local commercial kitchens by offering free kitchen exhaust system inspections and complete vent, hood and exhaust cleaning services. It’s a New Year and we want to help your restaurant, food truck or other commercial kitchen start the year off right with these tips for training your staff:

Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention Checklist

  • Equip cooking appliances with non-combustible grease filters.

  • Empty all grease containers at least once a day.

  • Place only non-combustible easily cleaned racks, trays, and containers inside ovens.

  • Vent all cooking appliances to the exterior of the building.

  • Make sure appliances are placed at an adequate distance away from other surfaces.

  • Train your staff adequately on fire safety standards and common hazards such as fuel-air combustion, explosive materials and ignition sources. Make sure they know how to operate their equipment properly.

  • Inspect solid fuel cooking appliances on a monthly basis, high-volume cooking appliances quarterly, moderate-volume appliances semi-annually and low-volume appliances annually.

When it comes to that last checklist item, we can help! We offer FREE inspections for all commercial kitchens in the greater Portland metro area and can provide you a quote on our services. Call Bare Metal Standard of Portland today and keep your commercial kitchen safe from grease fires.

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