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Don’t Get Greasy! Stay Clean to Stay Safe

From the healthiest vegan kitchens to the home-style cooks in country kitchens, every restaurant has a grease problem. A natural byproduct of vaporizing oils of any kind is a grease layer, and this grease can go from a vapor to a very flammable solid in your kitchen’s ductwork.  Vaporized grease infects every corner of your kitchen exhaust hood and ductwork, including wrapping itself around parts of your fire suppression system. This not only heavily increases your risk of fire, but also hinders your ability to control a fire once it starts.

Outside of the obvious fire risk associated with grease build-up, there are several other risks involved:

  • An employee or customer could slip and fall from grease build up on tile floors

  • Smelly sewers and drains, attracting drain flies

  • Lost productivity if a three compartment sink gets backed up

  • Increased city charges from Fats, Oil, and Grease in your wastewater

  • Turned off customers from views of a dirty kitchen

Keep your kitchen clean and your staff safe! Regular kitchen hood and exhaust system cleanings will cut down your fire risk and protect your image as a clean and safe restaurant. BARE METAL STANDARD of Portland can clean your kitchen exhaust system without hanging any “inaccessible” tags. We clean around corners and 90-degree angles, ensuring the highest standard of clean and the top most level of safety that your restaurant deserves.

Call BARE METAL STANDARD of Portland today for a FREE kitchen exhaust system inspection. We’ll inform you of the risks of your current situation, and provide you with a fair rate to clean your system to 95% bare metal.

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