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3 Alternative Ways to Cook a Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from Bare Metal Standard of Portland!

Looking for something a little less traditional this Thanksgiving? Sometimes it’s refreshing to break out of our cooking comfort zone and try something new for the holidays while still sticking to the basics. Here’s three new ways to serve up a Thanksgiving favorite.

3. BBQ Turkey Whether you have a gas grill or a charcoal grill, a barbecued turkey is a whole new way to enjoy this classic Thanksgiving centerpiece. With a flavorful marinade, you’ll lock in flavor with no need to baste. Adding hickory chips to the charcoal bed can bring out that smoky flavor to really make it a BBQ style Thanksgiving. You’ll need a covered grill and a large supply of propane, charcoal, or briquettes on hand. Click here for a recipe with explicit instructions on how to barbecue a turkey for both gas and charcoal grills.

2. Fried Turkey Get that crispy texture packed with flavor! This option cooks the turkey much faster without sacrificing any of the taste. Deep frying a turkey can be dangerous though, so make sure to follow all proper safety precautions such as: never leave the fryer unattended, make sure the turkey is completely thawed, and do not stuff any turkey that you’re planning on deep frying. Check out this recipe for both indoor and outdoor frying setups. For even more flavor, make a special spicy Cajun rub for the turkey before submerging it into the fryer!

3. Smoked Turkey For a more dynamic flavor with a slight crisp, try cooking your turkey this year in a smoker. With smoked turkey you can combine flavors like never before from the preparation of the brine to the type of wood you use to smoke it (pecan or fruit wood like cherry are great options). This recipe gives you start to finish instructions for smoking turkey, including seasoning suggestions.

Try something a little different this season! If you’re a restaurant owner interested in serving up some new or unconventional recipes, remember to always keep your commercial kitchen clean and safe. Especially when it comes to deep fryers, fire safety should always be top of mind. Refer to the chart below to know how often your kitchen should be cleaned in order to avoid a dangerous fire hazard:

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