Over time, dust and other pollutants build up in exhaust fans. Ultimately your fans will end up recirculating these contaminants with the air, reducing indoor air quality, and posing a potential health risk to anyone who spends a substantial amount of time in the building. For commercial buildings like warehouses, factories, office buildings, and others this means one more hazard for employees to worry about. It can also mean productivity lost to workers sick from poor air quality – as much as $60 billion worth of productivity according to the EPA.

Why Should Exhaust Ducts Be Cleaned?

In many industrial environments, accumulated dust in air ducts can also pose a fire hazard. You don’t have to be an HVAC expert to know that a lot of dust with a direct path to a furnace or other heat source could conceivably catch on fire! Proper cleaning reduces the risk of combustion in air ducts, protecting lives, livelihoods, and property.

Our service professionals ensure that all of the grease residue coating your ductwork will be removed from every part of your exhaust system. Deploy BARE METAL STANDARD clean to eliminate potential fire hazards. Consistently passing fire inspections means that your kitchen is safe. The safety of your customers, your employees, and your building relies on keeping your kitchen exhaust system clean. We understand the importance of having your system cleaned to the highest possible standard, the BARE METAL STANDARD of clean. 

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