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Kitchen Vent and Hood Cleaning Services 

Here at BMS, we strive every day to bring the very best in vent and hood cleaning services near the Beaverton, OR community. Our standards go beyond what is considered industry-standard. If you are looking for vent and hood cleaning services near Boring, OR, get in touch with us today! Here are some benefits that come from getting regular vent and hood cleaning.

There are many reasons why commercial kitchen vent cleaning is important. The first reason is hygiene. There is a high potential for contamination of food items in the kitchen if the vents are not properly cleaned regularly. Furthermore, dirty vents can affect the quality of food and cause illness. This can be prevented by getting your vents professionally cleaned regularly. Additionally, vents with an excessive amount of grease can lead to heating and cooling issues within the building, leading to excessive utility costs. 

  • Improving building ventilation 

  • Reducing the risk of fire

  • Making the kitchen healthier for those who work there.  


Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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Commercial kitchen exhaust systems are used on a daily basis to remove steam, smoke, odors, and other contaminants from the environment. Ignoring this important part of your kitchen’s ventilation system can lead to major issues in the future. It is vital that these systems be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid a buildup of grease, which can lead to more costly repairs. Failing to clean commercial kitchen exhausts can also be hazardous to your employees and customers. 

While cleaning your kitchen exhaust system is important, it is also smart to take the extra time to get your kitchen exhaust fan cleaned as well. Commercial kitchen exhaust fans are an integral part of the ventilation system in your restaurant, but they’re often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. If you have a kitchen exhaust fan that is not being cleaned regularly, grease will build up on the fan blades, which will eventually result in clogged ducts. Grease buildup can also lead to grease fires which are not only costly for your business but could be life-threatening. 

Ductwork Cleaning and Inspection

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Commercial kitchen ductwork cleaning is crucial for maintaining a safe, clean work environment. Ducts are often overlooked in commercial kitchen maintenance because they are difficult to access and can be hidden in dark areas. When this happens, grease accumulates unnoticed. As grease settles on surfaces, it creates a higher risk of fire in your commercial kitchen. Hiring a professional ductwork cleaning service to clean your ductwork regularly is the only way to avoid the harmful effects of mold and other bacteria. 

While it is crucial to perform regular cleaning on your commercial kitchen ductwork, you also need to have regular inspections to ensure your ductwork is up to code and nothing is in danger of breaking. Commercial kitchen ductwork inspections are also essential to maintaining the safety of your kitchen. The inspection includes looking for any structural damage, leakage, and the proper installation of the equipment. 

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Kitche Exhaust

Industrial Exhaust Ducts Cleaning


There is no project that is too big for us here at BMS. We tackle every job with the same drive to provide nothing less than our best. If you need industrial exhaust and hood cleaning services near Beaverton, OR, let us show you how we can help! Here are some benefits of getting regular exhaust ducts cleaned. 

Keeping well-maintained and clean exhaust ducts are not just beneficial for restaurants and other commercial kitchens. In fact, many industrial and manufacturing buildings, including warehouses, benefit from regular exhaust duct cleanings. A warehouse’s exhaust ducts need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that the air quality is safe and comfortable for people who work in the space. However, this maintenance is often overlooked due to minimal time and resources allocated. This is a massive mistake because dirty vents can lead to health problems from both breathing in contaminated air and from picking up bacteria from the floors after walking across them all day. 

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Beaverton, Oregon hood cleaning services FAQ

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