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Commercial Restaurants


Frequency of Kitchen Fires

A restaurant fire can be devastating. Did you know that half of all restaurant fires begin in the kitchen? Kitchen fires run the risk of exploding into the exhaust system and traveling stovetop to rooftop in moments. This is why it is so important to keep your kitchen exhaust system clean. At BARE METAL STANDARD we specialize in all types of restaurants, from the largest, busiest chains to the smallest, local cafes.

Safer and More Efficient

When a kitchen exhaust system is clean and working properly your kitchen and all of the people in the restaurant are safer. Your work environment is cleaner, more efficient, and more productive for staff and customers. We take special pride in ensuring that our proprietary BARE METAL STANDARD cleaning methods protect the safety of your customers, your employees, and your business.


Complying with Fire Code

With the BARE METAL STANDARD of clean, we recommend a precise cleaning schedule for your unique restaurant; our suggested schedules follow that cadence recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. When you follow the appropriate cleaning schedule, deploying BARE METAL STANDARD clean, your kitchen passes the regular fire codes and safety inspections with flying colors.

Businesses that do not deploy the appropriate kitchen exhaust system cleanings may be suspended or even shut down by health and safety inspectors. We won’t let that happen to you. Our technicians make it easy: we follow the cleaning schedule required for your restaurant. Best of all, we keep track of the schedule for you, eliminating hassle and allowing you to focus on running your commercial kitchen.

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