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Commercial Kitchen Fires

Depositphotos_24594481_originalOne small spark is all it takes to ignite the hazardous grease buildup and residue coating your kitchen ducts. And once a fire starts, it can travel through your ductwork with terrifying speed to the exhaust on the rooftop. The best way to prevent kitchen fires from ever starting is to have your system cleaned regularly and frequently. We work with you to establish the cleaning cadence recommended by the National Fire Protection Association and then we manage the schedule for you. We’re on the case so you don’t have to worry and our proprietary methods reach all areas of your kitchen exhaust system.

Our service professionals ensure that all of the grease residue coating your duct work will be removed from every part of your exhaust system. Deploy BARE METAL STANDARD clean to eliminate potential fire hazards.

Depositphotos_11614748_originalConsistently passing fire inspections means that your kitchen is safe. The safety of your customers, your employees, and your building relies on keeping your kitchen exhaust system clean. We understand the importance of having your system cleaned to the highest possible standard, the BARE METAL STANDARD of clean.

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