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‘Tis the Season for Savory Treats! Oven Fire Safety Tips

With dreams of sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads, it’s the time of year to serve up special holiday themed treats. Whether you’re a restaurant looking to try out a new desert special or a commercial kitchen preparing for an upcoming bake sale, refer to these fire safety tips particularly for the use of […]

3 Alternative Ways to Cook a Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from Bare Metal Standard of Portland! Looking for something a little less traditional this Thanksgiving? Sometimes it’s refreshing to break out of our cooking comfort zone and try something new for the holidays while still sticking to the basics. Here’s three new ways to serve up a Thanksgiving favorite. BBQ Turkey Whether you […]

The Scariest Sight this Season Could Be Your Kitchen Exhaust System

  Want to see something scary for Halloween? If you haven’t had your commercial kitchen cleaned in the past few months, look inside your kitchen’s exhaust ductwork! Heavy grease deposits build over time in your kitchen’s vent hoods and ductwork, developing layers of grease caked on top of each other. Left unattended, these grease deposits […]

Don’t Get Greasy! Stay Clean to Stay Safe

From the healthiest vegan kitchens to the home-style cooks in country kitchens, every restaurant has a grease problem. A natural byproduct of vaporizing oils of any kind is a grease layer, and this grease can go from a vapor to a very flammable solid in your kitchen’s ductwork.  Vaporized grease infects every corner of your […]

Friendly Fryer Safety Tips

French fries, fried chicken, fried artichokes, fried fish, and even fried ice cream! It seems as though you can throw anything into a deep fryer these days and someone will be bold enough to try it. Commercial fryers have become an essential asset in many restaurants and though they are relatively easy to use, they […]

Keep Your Kitchen Safe – Maintenance Tips from Bare Metal Standard of Portland

From 2006 to 2010, cooking fires and unkempt equipment were the leading cause of structure fires in restaurant establishments according to the National Fire Protection Association. These fires cost businesses $246 million in property damages across the board, not including possible reimbursements to the 115 civilian injuries that occurred.  In 21% of these fires, failure […]

Call Us and SAVE $100!

  In honor of Memorial Day, BARE METAL STANDARD of Portland is offering something BIG to the Portland-Metropolitan Area: Call us to sign up within the next week and SAVE $100 on exhaust cleaning! This special lets you get in on a FREE estimate AND $100 in savings from the best hood cleaner in the Pacific Northwest. Why are […]

Need a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Schedule? We Can Help!

Know How Often You Should Clean Your Kitchen Hoods. It’s a well-known fact that all commercial kitchens – from hospital cafeterias to five-star restaurants – are required by law to regularly go through inspection to ensure they are up to code for fire safety. What many people in the industry don’t know is that inspection schedules […]

At Bare Metal Standard of Portland, We Settle for Nothing Less than the BEST

We Refuse to Cut Corners. It’s an all too common event that restaurant and commercial kitchens are cheated when it comes to exhaust cleaning. This is because a majority of kitchen exhaust and hood cleaners fail to clean 90-degree angles in commercial kitchens – accounting for a large buildup of grease, which is an extreme fire safety […]

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