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10 Important Statistics About Restaurant Fires

Listed below are 10 restaurant fire statistics provided by the National Fire Protection Association. We hope knowing these statistics will help restaurant owners and managers protect their operations against fire hazards. To guard against fires, Portland restaurants should adhere to the following two NFPA standards, which address the most common areas where fires occur in […]

Benefits of a Clean Kitchen Exhaust System

Maintaining a clean commercial kitchen provides several advantages: passing routine fire code inspections, having a safe workplace environment and showing your staff and patrons that you care about the food service you provide. Public health and safety plays a major role. When you neglect cleaning your kitchen exhaust systems, you’re risking a potentially destructive grease fire that […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service Provider

As a business owner or facility manager, it’s important to determine the best commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning partner for your restaurant, hospital kitchen, or cafeteria. When you compare the services available at other kitchen exhaust cleaning service providers with Bare Metal Standard of Portland’s policies and procedures, you’ll quickly see how much of a difference […]

Grilling Season is Back! Does Your Kitchen Know Solid-Fuel Cooking Equipment Requirements?

Charbroiled food is back on the menu for many restaurants and other commercial kitchens this summer as a seasonal favorite. Since barbeque pits, rotisseries, grills and broilers all tend to use solid-fuel (such as charcoal, briquettes, mesquite, or hardwood), the rate at which they collect flammable material that needs to be regularly cleaned out increases. […]

NFPA 96: What You Should Know

What is NFPA 96? NFPA 96 is a standard set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that concerns the cleanliness standards for commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Grease vaporizes from a liquid to a gas during the cooking process and then solidifies inside the ventilation ducts, creating an incredible fire hazard. NFPA 96 outlines how […]

Portland Restaurants – Are You Ready for the Summer Rush?

As the weather warms in Portland, so do the streets with visitors, vacationers, and even locals finally emerging from their winter shells. If you own or manage a bar or restaurant in the Portland area, your business will likely experience a surge in customers over the coming months. This is the perfect time to prepare […]

High Pressure Hot Water Cleaning Services for Manufacturers

Food processing and manufacturing facilities are an industry dependent on sanitary conditions and safety in order to keep production up and running. No processing means no profits; so getting shut down due to a failed inspection can become a major loss. When you partner with Bare Metal Standard of Portland, you’ll never risk getting your […]

We Set a Different Standard for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Portland

It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon does things differently. We’re a unique city and running a business in Portland means setting a different standard. Bare Metal Standard of Portland is the only kitchen exhaust cleaning service that guarantees no inaccessible tags and nothing short of a complete clean. We promise a 95% bare metal clean […]

Food Truck Ventilation 101

One of the most important aspects of running a commercial kitchen out of a food truck is having an effective ventilation system. The type of ventilation system you choose is an important part of your success since smoke and vapors can quickly become a serious health and fire risk when cooking in large volumes with limited space. […]

Fire Safety Checklist for Commercial Kitchens

At Bare Metal Standard of Portland, safety is always our number one priority. We believe in protecting our local commercial kitchens by offering free kitchen exhaust system inspections and complete vent, hood and exhaust cleaning services. It’s a New Year and we want to help your restaurant, food truck or other commercial kitchen start the […]

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