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We are career service professionals dedicated to keeping businesses in the Portland-Vancouver Metro area clean and safe for decades. We are a minority-owned business that hires locally, promotes from within, and takes great pride in these contributions to our community. Owner Sam Okafor is equally proud to introduce BARE METAL STANDARD to the Northwest. Our proprietary commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning methods keep you safe from exhaust fires. No area of your commercial exhaust system is inaccessible, and we will not stop until you can see for yourself; your kitchen commercial exhaust system is BARE METAL STANDARD clean. Here is our BARE METAL STANDARD Promise to You:

Bare Metal Standard Clean


To eliminate your worry over potential kitchen exhaust fires, we’ve spent years developing our cleaning system. We promise to return your system to bare metal using our proprietary BARE METAL STANDARD process; we will not quit until your exhaust is completely clear of dangerously flammable grease residue. Only when your system is spotless are you BARE METAL STANDARD clean! We hold ourselves to the highest cleaning standards to benefit you. We believe the best way to do business is to serve our customers with an immaculate and detailed service. We represent over 50 years of experience, and with our proprietary process, we will clean your kitchen grease exhaust system to be BARE METAL STANDARD clean.

Service Beyond Compare


Our kitchen exhaust cleaning services sets us apart from our competitors. The professionalism of our technicians, the scheduling of facilities, and the standard of cleaning that we adhere to are all designed to remove your worries and ensure your peace of mind. We offer you a truly professional service at a competitive price. With our promise to you, we will always provide courteous, prompt, and professional service. We offer a different standard of clean with our BARE METAL STANDARD kitchen exhaust cleaning.

 Leave Your Kitchen as Clean 


We always promise to leave your kitchen as clean or cleaner than when we came with our goal still being to leave it cleaner than before.

You Will Be Happy With Our Service


With over 50 years of experience in cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems, we continually strive to improve our cleaning service to give you the best service possible from start to finish. We have an ongoing commitment to providing you with the highest quality professional and courteous service.

Proudly Serving The Portland-Metro Community

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